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The SS World War II
Erhard Heiden 1901-33 took control of the SS in 1927. That same year, SS members were banned from partaking in political debate and were required to profess undying loyalty to Hitler and unquestioningly acknowledge him as their one and only prophet.
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Schutzstaffel Wikipedia.
The term Austrian" SS" is often used to describe that portion of the SS membership from Austria, but it was never a recognized branch of the SS. In contrast to SS members from other countries, who were grouped into either the Germanic-SS or the Foreign Legions of the Waffen-SS, Austrian SS members were regular SS personnel.
Through rigorous selection of candidates for entry into the SS on the basis of racial ancestry and political reliability, he transformed the SS into an elite guard composed of the best available German racial material with an absolute loyalty to Hitler's' leadership of the Nazi movement and the German nation and Hitler's' vision of the long-term future for the Third Reich.
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Waffen-SS Wikipedia.
140 The 6th SS Panzer Army was made up of the I SS Panzer Corps 1 SS Leibstandarte and 12 SS Hitlerjugend and the II SS Panzer Corps 2 SS Das Reich and the 10 SS Frundsberg. Also present but not part of the 6th SS Panzer Army was the IV SS Panzer Corps 3 SS Totenkopf and 5 SS Wiking.
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SS corps of Nazi Party
At the same time, special military SS units were trained and equipped along the lines of the regular army. By 1939 the SS, now numbering about 250000, men, had become a massive and labyrinthian bureaucracy, divided mainly into two groups: the Allgemeine-SS General SS and the Waffen-SS Armed SS.
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Dugin has expre ss ed his admiration for the practices of the ss. Alexander Dugin: The Crazy Ideologue of the New Russian Empire Oleg Shynkarenko April 2, 2014. The ss, German gendarmerie, and Gestapo were all stationed in its vicinity.
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