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LLLlLLLg 20265390 euw Summoners League of Legends.
It ain't' luck, it's' Destiny. 7.24 top 025%, player garen main EBAYBLADE MANIAC in depth guide how to counter Garen. 7.22 Controlling the Game as Anivia In-depth. Highest Win Rate. Lowest Win Rate. Champions Most Popular. High est Win Rate.
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LLLlLLLg EU West LOLSTARZ League of Legends Summoner Search, Stats, Rankings.
LLLlLLLg EU West LV 30. SILVER III S6-GOLD S5-SILV. Ranked 102 Games 47 Wins 55 Losses. Update Current Game MMR. 100 LP / 47 W 55 L. Ranked Flex SR. Lux's' Witch Hunters. 100 LP / 10 W 14 L.
LLLlLLLg 20265390 eune Summoners League of Legends.
babip 1 OCE 2950., C9 Bunny FuFuu. Voyboy Voyboy: The Prodigy Of The Universe. Can Anyone Take Down The Beast? SirhcEz SPELLBOOK NASUS sleep stream. C9 Bunny FuFuu I WILL PLAY URF TILL MY WRISTS FALL OFF. Europe Nordic East.
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LLLlLLLg Summoner Stats League of Legends.
There is no summoner you seen recently. Add your favorite summoner for easy updates on the latest stats. Ladder Rank 1741627, 47.9% of top. Update Solo MMR Tier Graph. Last updated: 2017-07-13 091929.: Summary Champions Leagues Runes Masteries Live Game.
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LLLlLLLg EU West Summoners League of Legends.
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