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Phaseolus lunatus lima bean. Phaseolus vulgaris common bean; includes the pinto bean, kidney bean, black bean, Appaloosa bean as well as green beans, and many others. Phaseolus polyanthus a.k.a. dumosus, recognized as a separate species in 1995. Vigna aconitifolia moth bean.
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any of various leguminous plants of the widely cultivated genus Phaseolus producing edible seeds in pods See French bean, lima bean, scarlet runner, string bean. any of several other leguminous plants that bear edible pods or seeds, such as the broad bean and soya bean.
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Bean as the centre of attention, and for the alleged Americanisation required to sell it overseas Bean is called Dr. Bean as opposed to Mr. Bean and also speaks intelligibly, albeit with apparent difficulty, as opposed to his frequent mumbling in the television show.
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Bean No.1 Fan Duration: 4031. Mister Bean Number One Fan in HD Full Episodes 1692093, views. Mind the Baby Bean Episode 10 Classic Mr. Bean Duration: 2340. Bean 6059384, views. Bean in Room 426 Episode 8 Mr. Bean Official Duration: 2355.
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6.2.1 Alternative forms. From Middle English bene, from Old English ban bean, pea, legume, from Proto-Germanic baun bean, from Proto-Indo-European bab bean. Cognate with Scots bene, bein bean, West Frisian bean bean, Dutch boon bean, German Bohne bean, Danish b√łnne bean, Icelandic baun bean, Latin faba bean, Russian bob, bean, Serbo-Croatian / bb.
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Within weeks of her first Tinder date, Lori learns that she's' a kidney donor match for her new girlfriend, Alana, who has been on the transplant list for years. Bean chronicles the couples emotional medical journey as they begin an organ donation process that tests the true limits of love and sacrifice.
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